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Blood Clots & Coffee

I don't think either of the things in the title are related; they are just two things I've discovered recently. As someone who used to work in morning radio, you'd think coffee was a staple for me, but it wasn't. BUT LET ME TELL YOU, Starbuck's holiday drinks are the bomb. I'm actually at a Starbuck's right now. What am I going to do when they get rid of the toasted white chocolate mocha? I dunno. Guess I'll have to become a real adult and drink actual coffee instead of sugar with a hint coffee.

Speaking of becoming an adult, I've got a blood clot. Yeah man, 24. On blood thinners. A DVT in my right calf. That means deep vein thrombosis, I didn't know what that meant about a week ago. I woke up December 23 with a pain that felt like a charlie horse time a MILLION. It's the worst pain I've felt so far in my life. The extreme pain lasted for 4 days before I decided to go to the doctor, and one doppler later. I'm told I have a blood clot and I gotta start blood thinners. I found a PCP in Knoxville when I returned from the holidays, and was told I actually have 3 clots in my leg and they would refer me to a vascular doctor later that day. When I heard back from them, they told me I have high cholesterol, but no word on a referral. OH YEAH - 24. Blood clot. High Cholesterol. 2019 is wildin' out.

Ended up going to UT Medical Emergency room, short of breath, and in some pain. We got there at 7 pm and we didn't leave until 3 am. I'm not complaining about that all, it was busy and shout out to all the heroes in the medical field, saving lives and shit. The emergency room ultrasound tech guy confirmed I DO NOT have 3 clots, but I do have a decent sized DVT in my leg. (He doesn't understand how the previous doctor saw three, but whatever.) One CT scan later and it turns out I have blood fragments in my lungs, so that's why I can't breathe. Now I have to have an appointment with a vascular doctor, have to get one with a hematologist, and hope this son of a bitch don't move in my leg.

24. Blood Clot, Blood Fragments, and High Cholesterol. Blood thinner in the morning, blood thinner and fish oil at night. But, damn. Toasted White Chocolate Mocha is good.

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13 gen 2021

Oh girl, I about had a panic attack for you! Blood clots are some scary shit! Then I saw the date and was able to breathe again. Whew! I hope they got you sorted out and you aren't currently having any issues.

- much love - Shannon B

Mi piace
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