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I like to talk. SHOCKER. But I feel like I articulate my feelings and thought better in written word better than spoken most times; which is unfortunate considering my profession.

I had a handful of people asking me if I had a PO Box. I didn't, but I also wasn't about to give out my personal living address, because the internet is full of weirdos - myself, included. Literally, it's only been open a week and I've gotten 7 DM's from different people saying they have sent me something. I plan on going every Friday, and checking it out. Then filming an unboxing. I think it's hella cool that people want to send me things. like - y'all really out here paying shipping and postage because you want me to have something. That's crazy.

I say it all the time - I'm just a 26 year old non-profit radio secretary & on-air personality who started a YouTube channel for shits and giggles one day and now I have merch with my cat on it.

I also started a Patreon and decided to offer many different tier options because I know times are hard on almost everyone. I set a public monetary goal amount - because I felt it important for everyone to know how much I need to afford what I do and to do it without also having a full-time job.

So many things are happening and at such a rapid pace... I was talking to hubben the day the Announcement Video went live and I was close to tears: both happy and sad. I had this deep fear that none of it was real. Not a surreal moment, but like - it's all a joke and all 42.5K of my subscribers were in on it. That I would launch all this stuff and everyone would point and laugh.

Of course, none of that was true. I have almost reached my first goal on Patreon, I've sold merch and that in itself is incredible to me.

It's so hard to believe that this stuff is real, and really happening. I'm in awe every day that I get up at 5am and watch a movie that this is real. I'm creating, I'm making people laugh, I'm doing the damn thing.

I guess I just needed to get it all out that - I can't believe this is real. I didn't know it could be. Now that it is - what else is possible? literally anything.

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