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Shake up your life: how to change your own perspective

It's almost the first day of 2019, and I have TWO questions: Where did 2018 go?! and How is this year going to be any different going to be any different from the others?!

The last one is a little pessimistic, sure.

It's the time for "New Years Resolutions" or some other bullshit that we do every year thinking we'll magically like to eat salads instead of always ordering pizza or actually run that 5K we promised ourselves last year. (To give you an update: The 5K was a resolution of mine and the only thing I did was run from my problems.)

Why do we think that a day; whether that be "I'll start MONDAY" or it's January 1st, has any sort of special power to make our goals a reality. Maybe it's not actually about the day we start, maybe it's about the things we SAY when we start.

You have GOT to change your way of thinking. You have to manifest these things in your life. Sure, it sounds like some hocus pocus stuff, but I dare you to go a whole day with changing every negative thought to a positive one.

Stuff in traffic? Instead of "God, this is awful. I just want to be home." Change it to, "I have time to listen to my favorite station/podcast/song/etc for a little bit longer."

Got called for jury duty? At least you get to see your tax dollars put to work! And maybe you don't have to deal with that one co-worker that only chews with their mouth open.

Your husband loaded the dishwasher but didn't start it? (why do some men think that just because they load it, that the dishes magically clean themselves?) Think that's at least one more step you didn't have to do.

You see where I'm going with this.

Out with your old way of thinking, and in with this new you.

A grateful you.

A loving you.


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